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Accountability - Ecotel La Pedregoza S.A.S. operating as Ecotel La Pedregoza or as Ecolodge La Pedregoza (hereinafter "the Ecotel"), recognizes the importance of privacy. The Ecotel has a professional and an ethical obligation to keep all information it receives within a business relationship confidential, subject to a customer's instructions and any applicable law. The Ecotel manages the personal information of a customer in compliance with applicable legislation within the jurisdictions in which it conducts business. The Ecotel reserves the right to periodically amend its privacy policy to update the Ecotel's commitment to its customers, in accordance with current privacy laws.

Purpose of Collection - Personal information is any information that identifies an unincorporated customer. Business contact information, such as a business phone number or business office address, unless specifically advised that it is a home office is not considered personal information, as it is considered to be on public record. The Ecotel follows prudent business practices in collecting, using and disclosing personal information while providing its customers with products and services. The Ecotel collects personal information to serve its reasonable business, product purchase and service needs and related needs and in order to access and assist its customers with their ongoing business, product purchase and service needs and to ensure that information the Ecotel collects is up-to-date.

Collection Methods - The Ecotel collects information only by lawful and fair means. Whenever possible, the Ecotel will collect personal information directly from a customer. Depending on the business services provided, the Ecotel may obtain relevant information from other reasonable sources, with the consent of the customer. Address and method of payment information is collected to enable the Ecotel to provide products and services to its customers.

Consent - Personal information will only be collected, used and disclosed with a customer's consent, except as required or permitted by law. A customer's consent with respect to collection, use and disclosure may be in writing, verbal or implied as necessthe Ecotely to meet a customer's business, product purchase or service needs and the Ecotel's need to provide its products and services to a customer.

Disclosure Without Consent - In certain circumstances, the Ecotel may disclose a customer's personal information without their consent. Such circumstances include legal compulsion or authorization, required tax filings, and the reasonable apprehension or necessity to respond to an emergency that threatens life, health or security of an individual or the public. Disclosure may also occur if it is necessary to establish or collect payments due to the Ecotel, or if the information is already publicly known.

Use of Personal Information - The Ecotel uses personal information to provide products and services to its customers. Unless a customer consents, the Ecotel does not release information to any unrelated third party. When the Ecotel releases information about a customer, it is done to serve specific needs, in the course of providing business services or products. With a customer's consent, the Ecotel may provide information to the Ecotel staff and agents for reasonable business purposes. The Ecotel may also provide personal information to third parties providing services to the Ecotel, provided the third party agrees to comply with the Ecotel's privacy policy and any applicable legislation. The Ecotel does not sell or otherwise provide email addresses or any other customer contact information to unrelated third parties.

Individual Access - A customer has the right to request a correction of the personal information that the Ecotel holds about them. If during the course of a business relationship, any customer information changes, then a customer is requested to please inform the Ecotel so that the Ecotel can make the necessary changes. A customer may request access to the personal information the Ecotel has regarding that customer, and the Ecotel will respond to this request in a timely fashion. This request must be in writing and the Ecotel will charge a reasonable fee for retrieval and copying. By law, the Ecotel must deny access when a customer file contains personal information on a third party, and the information cannot be severed to maintain the third party's privacy. The Ecotel may also deny access if a customer's information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings against the customer, including unpaid bills to the Ecotel. If the Ecotel denies a customer's request for access or correction, the Ecotel will explain why. In all cases, the Ecotel will attempt to mediate a resolution if possible.

Safeguards - In order to protect a customer's personal information, the Ecotel will not collect, use or disclose a customer's personal information unless the purpose is identified or reasonably evident, such as for payment, collection or shipping purposes. The Ecotel will also endeavor to maintain reasonable encryption, permissions and gateway safeguards on information accessible through any on-line payment processing system or database the Ecotel may establish. The Ecotel will keep a customer's personal information for only as long as necessary to fulfill the stated purpose or as required by law. The Ecotel will maintain a customer's personal information as accurately as possible. In addition, the Ecotel will keep a customer's personal information physically secure and protected by technological safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

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