Nature tourism off the beaten path

Natural Regeneration and Serranías

Forests, Beaches, Flora and Fauna

La Pedregoza offers a little bit of everything to visitors. In the dry season (mid-December to April) the beaches along the Río Bita are spectacular. In the wet season (May to November), kayaking in the tree tops of the inundation forest is nothing short of magical. Some 140 species of birds have been witnessed and recorded at La Pedregoza. The forests and savannas are home to a multitude of animals and plants. La Pedregoza's middle name is biodiversity.

Amazing Ecosystems in one Place

Natural regeneration of the gallery forest is happening in several places. Come and see a Saladillal, visit a Morichal, hike thru serranía, explore hidden lakes, see flesh eating plants, find stick insects or track a tapir. Enjoy a crocodile, anaconda and piranha swim. Discover nature in the tropics.

  • Nature tourism is perhaps a better term than ecotourism.
  • A variety of ecosystems offer many opportunities for visitors.
  • Numerous bird species have been recorded at La Pedregoza.
  • Enjoy a crocodile, anaconda and piranha swim.
  • Native trees and river turtle rescue are La Pedregoza passions.