Vichada Checklist

Recommendations for "Off the Beaten Path" tourism

Swimming in the Río Bita

Useful things to bring with you

Yellow fever vaccination: Good to have in the tropics and free at Bogotá's airport. Insect Repellent: Bring spray or liquid, but not pressurized cans. After bite: If you itch, good to have some lotion. Sun screen: La Pedregoza is close to the equator and the sun ccan be fierce. Sun Hat: Essential for survival in the tropics. Footwear: Best are steel-toed rubber boots or high ankle hiking boots.

Health and Other Needs

Medicines: Most things are available in Puerto Carreño pharmacies, but if you have a prescription best to fill it at home. If you have diabetes, please let us know, as refrigeration for insulin can be a problem at times if we aren't prepared. Foods: If you have special dietary requirements such as Kosher food, be advised that there is no local source.

  • Don't forget to bring a swimsuit and water shoes.
  • Camera is a must and a notebook can be useful.
  • Sweat socks to avoid blisters in rubber boots.
  • Re-fillable water bottle. We have excellent drinking water.
  • There are 4 ATM's in Puerto Carreño that take foreign debit cards.