Things to do and see

Dolphin Beach at La Pedregoza

Dry Season Beaches

The natural reserve has 2 amazing dry season beaches, with golden soft sand. On occasion swimmers will luck out and meet passing pink dolphins. The river is refreshing and the water is clean, as there are no upstream communities. Various environmental organizations, including La Pedregoza, are looking for ways to have the Río Bita declared a protected river.

Fun Stuff at La Pedregoza

There are numerous activities to fill the forenoons and the afternoons for visitors. That is why we recommend at least a 3 night stay in the Ecotel La Pedregoza. Here is a list of some things to do:

  • Hike through the Turle Forest to Turtle Beach
  • Hike through Dolphin Forest to Dolphin Beach
  • Hike through Pineapple Forest to a swimming hole
  • Visit to the central Morichal swimming hole
  • Afternoon hike through the Serranía
  • Visit to the Sacred Seeds Botanical Garden
  • Morichal penetration with machetes
  • Visit to forestry cultivations with presentation
  • Visit to cashew cultivations with presentation
  • Visit to the biochar pyrolysis production facilities
  • Visit to the tree nursery (seasonal)
  • Visit to the Temple, a cathedral to nature
  • Bird watching (any time of year)
  • Visit to stable with natural fertilizer presentation
  • Kayaking in the caño and Río Bita
  • Solar systems and efficient cooking stoves
  • Sports fishing for the family
  • Kayaking in the inundation forest (wet season only)
  • Hikes through wetlands and caños