In the heart of the Orinoco River basin...

The Ecotel La Pedregoza is located inside a 2,650 hectare (6,545 acre) forestry and agroforestry plantation, known as La Pedregoza. Part of the plantation includes a 1,200 hectare (3,000 acre) natural reserve registered with Colombia's national parks system. Many of the Ecotel's nature tourism activities occur in the natural reserve. La Pedregoza is located just 1 hour by road from the Orinoco port city of Puerto Carreño, along the banks of the world's first protected river, the Río Bita. Visitors will experience 4 distinct tropical ecosystems, as well as witness large scale sustainable forestry and natural silviculture practices.

Red Howler Monkey at La Pedregoza
Red-and-Green Macaw at La Pedregoza
Capybara at La Pedregoza
Ocelot at La Pedregoza
Lowland Peccary at La Pedregoza
Caracara Falcon at La Pedregoza

All-Inclusive Packages

Ecotel La Pedregoza offers all-inclusive packages with comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, all meals, drinks and guided tours.

Natural Reserve Access

Access to the Reserva Natural La Pedregoza is included in the package. To see and do everything a 3 night stay is recommended.

Agrotourism Tours

Packages include tours of the forestry and cashew cultivations, where the sustainable practices being used are explained.

Mi Viejo Congrio

All meals are served in the Mi Viejo Congrio Restaurant. Food is typical Colombian cuisine with some international surprises.

Wine, Mead and Beer

Packages include 2 alcoholic drinks per person per day, which include our excellent locally made red wine and honey mead.

Seasonal Activities

Ecotourism includes the use of kayaks in the rain forest, fishing rods the kids can use, fantastic beaches and swimming holes.

Perfect for Nature Lovers

Rain forest and savanna hikes, jungle swimming holes and gorgeous beaches in the dry season are just some of the attractions. There are over 140 species of birds that have been observed at La Pedregoza. The natural reserve has monkeys, jaguars, tapirs and caimans. There are no city sounds at night. In the dry season one can see Polaris and the Southern Cross at the same time.

Inside a La Pedregoza morichal

Fabulous Morichals

The natural reserve has several morichals, which are heavily treed savanna drainage creeks named after the moriche palm.

Kayaking in La Pedregoza caño

Inundation Forest

Kayaking in the rain forest during the wet season is a magical experience. The pulse of the Río Bita is as high as 7 meters.

Serranía hika at La Pedregoza

Serranía Hills

La Pedregoza has numerous ancient, small hills known locally as Serranías, that make for interesting savanna hikes.

Hugging an endangered Sassafras

Native Trees

La Pedregoza is well known for it native tree species program and its work to save endangered trees like the Sassafras.

Turtle rescue at La Pedregoza

Turtle Rescue

Podocnemis unifilis and expansa river turtles are endangered. La Pedregoza biologists work to save their beaches.

Biochar production at La Pedregoza

Biochar and Soil

La Pedregoza is a leader in sustainable practices that do not contaminate. Visit the biochar pyrolysis ovens!

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